Larry the Orange Monster Travel Pillow Set


Larry the orange monster would love to be your friend.

His popular brother, Gary the green monster, is always running around, but Larry is quiet and can get nervous about things. This is ok, as his family and friends are always there to support him, even if he can be a bit clumsy and lazy sometimes.

When you need a friend Larry will be there. He is the perfect pal to spend time with if you get a bit worried, either travelling or at home. Whenever you need a quiet kip, unzip him, pop him on and dream safely together.

Larry the orange monster is part of our Relaxeazzz Monstarz collection. He is made from polyester and spandex, with a handy plastic clip to attach to a belt or bag so he never gets lost! Designed to fit both children and adults Larry can be washed up to 30° so is easy to keep clean.

Measurements: 15.5x15x9cm closed, 16x28x6cm open.