Raffi the Giraffe Travel Pillow Set


Raffi the Giraffe is caring and loves animals and nature.

She spends lots of time in her garden encouraging wildlife. She has a pond, bird table and hedgehog house, and lots of wildflowers for the bees and insects.

On Saturdays she volunteers at the local animal sanctuary where she helps clean and exercise the animals there, it is her favourite day of the week.

Raffi is ready to be your best friend, and when you need her she will be there to keep you safe, and help you sleep on long journeys. All you need to do is unzip her and she opens into a soft plush eye mask and pillow, perfect for a snooze!

Raffi the Giraffe is part of our Relaxeazzz Adoramals collection. She is made from polyester and spandex, with a handy plastic clip to attach to a belt or bag so she never gets lost! Designed to fit both children and adults Raffi can be washed up to 30° so is easy to keep clean.

Measurements: 17x14x9cm closed, 14x28x6.5cm open.