Astrid the Unicorn Travel Pillow Set


Astrid the Unicorn love to sing!

Her spontaneous and creative personality means she loves performing but sometimes gets a bit nervous before she sings. She is always bright, bubbly, and loud and when she gets together with her friends they do not stop talking! Astrid has a sweet tooth. She likes baking and eating cakes and sweets, and always has a stash hidden in her room.

Have fun with Astrid at home or travelling, then when you need a nap to recharge just unzip and share sweet dreams together.

Astrid the Unicorn is part of our Relaxeazzz Adoramals collection. She is made from polyester and spandex, with a handy plastic clip to attach to a belt or bag so she never gets lost! Designed to fit both children and adults Astrid can be washed up to 30° so is easy to keep clean.

Measurements: 15.5x14.5x10.5cm closed, 14x28x8cm open.