Private Pickup London Guardsman Travel Pillow Set


Private Pickup is quiet and loyal.

He and his fellow guardsman, guard the Royal Residences in London including Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London. Private Pickup is calm and focused, which makes him perfect for sentry duty with all the tourists taking photos and trying to distract him. He worked hard to get to where he is and loves his job. In his spare time, he likes doing puzzles and jigsaws.

When you have had a busy day or have a long way to travel, Private Pickup will help you relax and stay calm so you can drift off to sleep in no time.

Private Pickup is part of our Relaxeazzz collection. He is made from polyester and spandex, with a handy plastic clip to attach to a belt or bag so he never gets lost! Designed to fit both children and adults Private Pickup can be washed up to 30° so is easy to keep clean.

Measurements: 19x15x10cm closed, 18x29x6cm open.